MeS Virtual Terminal
Making payment processing simple, flexible, secure.
MeS Virtual Terminal utilizes Internet technology to provide an easy-to-use payment solution that automatically adapts to changes in the payment card industry, protects cardholder data, and monitors your transaction activity for risk and cost savings.

Internet connection and a current web browser are all that's required.

Updates, fixes, and enhancements are made on our servers.

Simple and effective batch management tools.

Transactions and customer records can be imported from other programs.

Easy-to-find answers online--backed-up by a 24/7 Customer Care.

Web-based technology offers local and wide area networking automatically.

MeS Virtual Terminal can utilize WiFi connectivity to provide a mobile processing solution.

Customer records allow quick entry of transactions for repeat customers and ability to view a customers history--regardless of transaction results.

Create custom reports with the fields you want. Save custom reports as templates for future use.

Sensitive cardholder data remains secure on our servers.

Off-site back-up always exists.

Proactive risk management tools.

MeS Virtual Terminal monitors transactions and alerts users to conditions that might result in chargebacks.

Stop spending valuable time installing and updating high-maintence software programs that place cardholder data at risk. Find out more about MeS Virtual Terminal. Click here.
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